Michael  Falzarano

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This is the stuff I use

Acoustic Guitars

Gibson Star, sunburst with a Fishman bridge pickup

Martin D-16 H (1993) Pickup unknown

Gibson Starburst, amber flame top with a Fishman bridge pickup

1953 Gibson J45, sunburst no pickup (used mostly for recording)

Electric Guitars

Fender Stratocaster hardtail, sunburst with a Seymour Duncan pickup at the bridge

Fender Telecaster 62 reissue, sunburst with a Seymour Duncan pickup at the bridge

Gibson, Chet Atkins Country Gentlemen, stock

Gibson Les Paul Jr. 1959, stock

Acoustic strings

Martin Marquis, light (12 -54) 80/20 bronze

Gibson 80/20 bronze light (12-54)

Electric strings

Gibson Brite wires, medium (11-50)

GHS Boomers, medium (11-50)


On the road with Hot Tuna, I used two 212 Carvin Belair's linked together. With The New Riders I use a 65 Fender Twin reissue along with a Carvin Belair.  I use a Crate CA112D Acoustic amp for the acoustic guitars.

When I play locally, I use one of two amps for the electric guitars: either an early '60s Fender Deluxe Reverb, Mesa Boogie Subway Rocket or a Carvin Nomad


Flatiron or Epiphone, F style or the Kentucky, A style

Stomp boxes

MXR phase 90, Boss DD5 echo, Tube Screamer and a Empress Tremolo